OTSEC: Industrial Security Solutions for Operational Technology

Canada's Trusted Source for Deep Expertise in Enterprise OT and Industrial Security

Why Industrial Security is Important

Done right, Industrial security is invisible to the public, as it protects critical infrastructure, ensures the safety of workers and the public, and prevents costly disruptions and potential harm to the environment.

OTSEC, a division of Informatica Corporation, has deep expertise with industrial sectors including mining, oil & gas, utilities, power generation, aerospace, healthcare and many others.

Physical Security

OTSEC helps to shape strategy around safeguarding the physical premises and assets of industrial facilities. Key elements include secure access control systems, surveillance cameras, fencing, alarms, lighting, and security personnel. Physical security measures help protect against unauthorized entry and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to critical areas.

Information Security

OTSEC clients know that industrial facilities often handle sensitive information, including intellectual property, trade secrets, production processes, and customer data. Information security measures are essential to protect this data from theft, cyberattacks, and data breaches. This includes implementing cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness

OTSEC helps to design and implement programs that ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. This includes compliance with safety regulations, proper training for employees, maintenance of safety equipment, and the development of emergency response plans. Preparedness for various emergencies (e.g., fires, chemical spills, natural disasters) helps minimize risks and mitigate potential damage.